Complaints Handling Procedure

BRB Underwriting Agency (“BRB”) ensures that customer complaints are handled in accordance with the law, by treating customers fairly and openly and ensuring that there is no conflict of interest in the complaints process.  BRB has developed this Complaints Handling Procedure, and it is managed and monitored by the Company’s management.

Right to complain

  • Every customer has the right to complain about insurance and reinsurance distribution services provided by BRB.
  • BRB deals with any complaint about the behavior of its employees.  If your complaint concerns the conduct of an insurer, reinsurer or other insurance intermediary, we will forward your complaint to the person concerned, informing you in writing.
  • BRB will handle your complaint at no financial cost to you.

How to make a complaint

A complaint may be made either:

  • in paper form, by post or by hand, to the BRB office at the address: J Basanavičiaus g.26
    LT-03244 Vilnius, Lithuania ;
  • by e-mail to

Format of a complaint

  • The complaint must be in writing.
  • The complaint must contain sufficient information to enable the complainant to be identified, such as name, surname and personal identification number or other information to identify an individual, or the name and registration number of a legal entity.  Anonymous complaints will not be considered.
  • The complaint must state the grounds for the complaint and the claim being sought.

Language of complaint

The complaint may be made in Lithuanian, Latvian, English, Russian or any other language.   BRB will answer in Lithuanian, Latvian, English or Russian, respectively.   If the complaint is made in another language, BRB will, as far as possible, reply in the language of the complaint.

Time limit for handling complaints

  • BRB will process and respond to a complaint within 20 days.
  • If the complaint is straightforward without the need to investigate facts, the complaint will be dealt with within 10 days.
  • If, for some reason, it is not possible to reply within 20 days, the time limit for handling the complaint may be extended by whatever amount of time is objectively and reasonably necessary, and the complainant will be advised accordingly.

Investigation of the complaint and reply

  • BRB will investigate and evaluate the circumstances and arguments contained in the complaint when reviewing the complaint.
  • If the circumstances set out in the complaint are accepted, BRB will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to remedy the breach or loss and will inform the complainant in writing.
  • If BRB finds that the complaint is unfounded, the complainant will receive a reply explaining why.

Prevention of conflicts of interest

To avoid a conflict of interest at BRB, the complaint will be handled by an employee who is not the subject of the complaint and who has no direct or indirect interest in the outcome of the investigation.

Appeal options

  • BRB is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, and if a written reply is not received from BRB within 20 days, or the complainant is unsatisfied with the decision on the complaint, an appeal may be sent to the Bank of Lithuania through the contacts outlined in its website: .
  • If the complaint concerns consumer rights, the appeal can also be submitted to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, address:  Vilniaus 25, Vilnius 01402, Lithuania.  e – mail:
  • Court settlement of disputes between insurance and reinsurance brokers and clients.
  • Civil disputes between the parties can be settled at court.

Recording complaints and filing complaint documentation

BRB keeps a record of all complaints received and how they were handled, and files each record in a complaints file as required by law.